Wednesday, July 02, 2008

old bike

So I called the bike shop and found out that my dream bike was delayed because of "fender problems". Darn it. So I decided to go to the bike co op to get a temporary beater until it comes in. While there, I also saw a rusty old Schwinn cruiser. They set it aside for me to restore but my only regret was that it didn't have hand brakes. It's always raining here so cruiser brakes just aren't safe enough. So i wheeled my beater bike to the bike shop to get a lock for it. As I was getting ready to pay for it, I asked the salesperson if they have any old 3 speeds. She said,"Just a minute", and walked to the back of the store. Next thing I know, I hear her rolling out a bike. Lo and behold, it was an ancestor of my dream bike, a vintage blue Schwinn Collegiate with hand brakes! It will need some restoring but not as much as the cruiser. I'm thinking of repainting it. That sound you hear is the sound of Schwinn collectors everywhere going,"Noooooooo......" I'm picking it up this Friday. Yes, yes, I know, pics.


Opal said...

I'm so glad you found something more to your liking!

Michelle Schwengel said...

the knittybird, she lives!!! glad to get an update, and with interesting bike news. you still knitting? hope to see you in a couple weeks at mj.

Anonymous said...

Do tell me about the bike co op, we are trying to sell a used bike! Welcome back to Blogland! :)