Monday, July 31, 2006

New Knitpicks yarn

Knitpicks came out with some new yarn! I've been waiting for them to come out with a superwash yarn for a while. I have to try out the Swish Superwash. I see a lot of dark navy yarn in the near future.
I've knitted and frogged the hat three times now. The first one was too small and when I showed it to k at the meeting, I found out it's supposed to be knitted in one piece. Ooops. I really should have read the original pattern all the way through before starting. The second time, it was too big after switching to larger neadles and the third time the skull chart was too stretched out horizontally. Now I'm just freehanding the design, using the chart just for reference. I'm halfway through the skull, then its a whole lot of stockinette.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pretty mutant sweater

I'm currently working on the Lost in Translation scarf which, since it's lace, is driving me insane. I seem to have to rip it once or twice in every repeat. I've been working on it for three weeks and decided to take a break this week to rest my nerves. Sadly, I still have no photos. I can't wait until school starts next month so I have access to the digital cameras at school. There probably won't be many photos of my work until then.
At tonight's meeting I started on another hat. I showed a girl at work MK Carroll's version of the Birkin's Hat and after the requisite awww's and "it's soooo cuuuute!", it was decided that I should make a teenager sized one for her. Since she's a bit of a punk rocker, the hat will be black with a pink skull, inspired by the Kuromi character from Sanrio. I ended up doubling some worsted weight acrylic from my pathetic stash. I worked on the back during the meeting by winging it and just finished creating the chart for the skull using Illustrator and knitPro. The teenage punk rocker is having all four of her wisdom teeth removed over the weekend so hopefully this will cheer her up.
A member from the knitting group reminded me that a few meetings back, someone had mentioned that one of the characters from X-Men: The Last Stand was wearing a pretty sweater. Oddly , when I saw the movie a couple weeks back I didn't noticed the potential Movie-Must-Knit. So after the meeting, I spent the night trowling the internet until I found some good reference pics of the elusive sweater. As promised, I'm posting the them here. I love the cables but quake in fear of the lace. It would be totally at home in an issue of Interweave Knits.

Rogue X-3 _A

Here's one with a good view of the lace down the sleeves:

Rogue X-3_B


I took photos at the local Knit In Public event hoping to develop them over the weekend. One knitter brought her incredibly adorable and animated kids to the meeting and I managed to take half a roll of film of them. That weekend, after struggling to get the film onto the reel and into the developing tank, I accidentally opened the wrong part of the tank and exposed the undeveloped film to light. *sign*
So, many apologies to Mom and the kids. Hopefully I'll see you again when you move back here and I'll take new portraits for you at the next KIPP.

(edited for mistaking Acornbud for someone else.)