Friday, December 29, 2006

Wassup B!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday! Gee, you think with school over, I would have time to post. Unfortunately, there is this thing called extended holiday hours. My only bright spot each day is my hour break when I could knit. What am I knitting anyway? My first sweater! It is the Lace Leaf Pullover by Teva Durham. I started in November and kept having to frog the lace leaf parts (there's three of them). Though pretty, lace is EVIL. I am almost finished with the last sleeve while I'm blogging and watching Goldfinger. (Can I multi-task or what!) It's knitted with Plymouth Encore doubled in a bright green than can only be described as looking like a certain japanese condiment. Just a couple more rows until I start decreasing for the shoulder, then I can start sewing it together.
For a first sweater, the pattern worked out well. I learned to do ssk decrease, knit f&b increase, and the kitchener stitch when I put it together. There is a break of stockinette after each lace panel which I really needed but it's not boring because of the shoulder shaping. My only complaints about the pattern is that it is written in paragraph form, making it hard to keep my place. I prefer patterns that are written row by row.
While on the topic of sweaters, here are my choices for my next sweater (all movie inspired):

The Prizoner of Azkaban



Love Actually



Bulletproof Monk