Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hello Kitty Stitch Markers

My Hello Kitty cellphone mascots were getting lonely since I switched to a new mobile. Now they keep me company while I'm knitting the marsan watchcap.


The rings are jewelry findings from a bead shop. They have a smaller ring attached to the bottom of the main ring. I think they're used as part of a fastener for necklaces or bracelets.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Brown Yarn & Hummus

Why am I doing the Snoopy Dance? The brown yarn came in! I never knew brown could be so beautiful.


Here it is with a blossom.


The bro was nice enough to take some photos so this post will be rather pic heavy:

The spiderweb capelet is missing some roses.


I've removed the roses on the capelet because the gold yarn is just too slippery (there's still one left on the bottom left). I'm going to try knitting up a couple of gold blossoms and using them to embellish it instead. I just really like how the gold contrasts with the blue.


Last are the blue and off-white yarn I ordered from Knitpicks and Elann. The center-pull ball is the Merino Style (Knitpicks) in dusk. As you can see, I've already started a new swatch in woven cables. Next to it is the misshapen skein of Admiral Blue Peruvian Collection Highland (Elann) after I frogged the lattice swatch. The scale of the lattices was too small so I'm staying with the woven cables. Also, I like the color and feel of the merino wool better. I'm going to have to start a mock-up of the robe soon so I can figure out how much yarn I'll need.


The beige skeins are from right to left, Ecru in the Peruvian and Vanilla in the Merino style. Again, I prefer the Merino Style. The color is the light cream I had in mind for the next film inspired project. I'm still testing stitches for it so nothing yet until I finish these WIP's.

M.K. made a mini version of Jay McCarroll's poncho! Its in the March 7th posts on her blog. Never thought I'd be jealous of a doll's wardrobe. Must finish WIP's.

I finally tried out a recipe for a bastardized version of hummus. The recipe for mashed chickpeas is from Jamie Oliver's Happy Days. I spent about fifteen minutes looking for canned chickpeas at the supermarket but found everything but. So I resigned myself to just getting premade hummus. Then I had the bright idea of looking at the ingredients of a couple of them. Turns out chickpeas and garbonzo beans are the same thing. Go figure. It was fast, easy, and really good. I even added some paprika on top so it looked like the hummus from the local Greek takeout. Loved it on spinach tortillas. I haven't been eating well lately because I've been too busy, which may be why I've been getting sick so much. After reading his newest book, Jamie's Family Dinners, it reminded me how important it is to eat more nutrient rich foods. I also made one of the pasta recipes from it tonight for dinner. It was a rigatoni, eggplant, and mozzeralla dish. Yum!