Sunday, July 06, 2008

Buddha & the Art of Bicycle Repair.

As requested, here is the link to the Bike Co op: K-Vibe
They take donations of bikes that go back to the community. A very knowledgeable volunteer helped me get my temporary bike working. Oh yeah, picked up the Schwinn yesterday from Eki Cyclery (they are one of the sponsors of the co op). I was a little worried that the frame may not be the right size but after she adjusted the seat, it was perfect!
Doh! Forgot to bring the camera. The bike is currently at the co op. I need to stock up on steel wool to get the rust off the handlebars and fenders.
Yes, I am definitely still knitting. I'm doing a swap with a co-worker who does embroidery. I'm knitting her a scarf with peace signs and a Buddha. The background will shift from a heathered green to a cream color. The designs will be duplicate stitch. Tried doing intarsia but with the thin lines, it turned out to be a bad idea. Not much to photograph, just heathered green stockinette. I'm still thinking about what to request. Maybe something with owls...and headphones.

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Opal said...

owls... headphones.. *giggles*