Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It is so hot!

It's September and it still feels like the middle of summer. I miss the fall weather from my childhood. I rode to and from work yesterday on the bike. It still looks like a rusted hunk of junk but I'll try to keep the original paint for as long as I can. The handlebars are functional but are horribly tarnished. Oh well, they work as a theft deterrent right? I'm still working on the fenders but have a scrounged rack in the back and the cutest basket ever. The rack is a little bit big so it slants down toward the front. I spent most of the trip with the basket against my back. I had to scoot forward but then the saddle was uncomfortable. Will have to get a new rack eventually. I rode in my usual jeans which was fine until I got to my destination. Then I started sweating buckets. Ugh.
I did get to explore some quiet streets on the way home. I didn't realized there is a street between Queen and Ala Moana. The road was practically deserted but seeing as I still haven't got a helmet (bad bird!) I rode really slow on the sidewalk.

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Acornbud said...

Progress. I so happy you found your dream bike:)