Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shibori Knit Books

I attempted to create a knit shibori piece for the student show last year that ended up looking like a vest with three boobs. Images of a certain martian Arnold Schwarzenegger flick comes to mind. I stumbled upon these two books online today.


I really like the hat on this cover!


Here's the bike I might end up getting: The Schwinn Cream.


The bike shop I checked at won't be getting them in for another month which should give me enough time to save up. I found out Electra Bikes now sell skirt guards separately and they come in cream as well. The tire sizes are the same so they should fit.

School has been absolutely crazy as usual. I turned in my form for graduation this week so I guess it's official. Now if I can just get all my projects finished...

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Michelle said...

have you been off riding your bike since last you wrote? we miss you at mj! let me know when you plan to return one of these weeks -- i won't make it very often for the next couple months but i hope to see you sooner than later. when's graduation?
best wishes,