Wednesday, May 25, 2005

How fast can I knit?

Well, I'll find out this weekend! I have some friends that are moving and we're having a going away dinner this weekend. I want to make one of them a scarf but I only have a couple of days. Time to break out the size 13's. I'm thinking something purple and glittery.
The blossom scarf is going well but slowly. I'm about half-way through. For something so simple, it sure is taking a long time. Maybe that's the problem, it's not complicated enough. Why did I decide to knit it in two pieces? I could have been done by now.
The yarn for the fiery bolero had to be ordered so its probably another week or so before I can start. Oh well, gives me time to finish both scarves, right?
I'm finishing up another womb knitted with some horrible cotton, Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth Yarn in fushia. Fantasy my arse, more like nightmare. When I was winding it up, I found three knots. Grrrr Arrrgh! I am having fun knitting the womb though. I couldn't put it down until I got the main body done. I still need to work on the fallopian tubes and I have an idea for an embellishment.
How about some good news! Eartha Kitt will be judging Craft Corner Deathmatch again. Hey, its craft related. So there.

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