Monday, February 07, 2005

Great minds...

Saw this at Borders the other day:


It's the current issue of Fiberarts magazine. I'm debating whether or not to get this issue. I do love the idea of wearable art.
I just started another job so now I have more yarn money. The bad news is that I that I haven't had time to buy yarn with said money. I still need some cashmerino for the branch of the cherry blossom scarf. At least I made some progress with the spiderweb capelet. The R2 inspired embroidery became embroidered roses instead. The lovely gold yarn proved to be a slippery little bugger when it kept coming out of eye on the yarn needle. Just a few more roses, then I'm done!


k said...

Hey, don't go spending your hard earned on Cashmerino for the stems unless you are really set on it! The pattern calls for DB Merino, in a standard worsted weight. Cascade 220 has a lovely green that's perfect for this and much, much less expensive. I have about half a skein of it if you'd like to swap for something. Mercerized cotton would be a nice sub that would give the stems and leaves a bit of a sheen.

kb said...

At first I was thinking of using the same mercerized cotton I used for the blossoms but Sue didn't have it in brown. I had just finished a scarf for my dad using brown cashmerino aran and the blossoms looked nice against it so I thought I could use that instead. I'm just worried about pilling so I'm not married to it. My first choice is still the cotton though. I'm going to check at the store today and see if she got any more brown in.
Thanks for the offer for the Cascade 220. I heard good things about it. The pictures I've seen online make it seem heathered so I didn't think to try it.