Sunday, January 02, 2005

First Post!

Yay! I wanted to start this blog to help me keep track of my knitting. I keep getting inspired to create projects so here's a way to keep me organized.
Right now, I'm working on a cherry blossom scarf based on the Head Huggers pattern in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I got inspired by a trip I took a couple of years ago to Vancouver. We went during Spring break and the cherry blossom trees were blooming. It was so beautiful! When I saw the pics for the project online, I knew I had to make the scarf. I'm using Takhi cotton in hot pink with size 8 addi turbos. I had a happy accident when I misread the pattern, skipping rows 5 and 6. When I compared my mistake with a blossom made following the pattern, I really liked mine. The cotton made the stitches really defined and the extra stitches made a nice center for the blossom when I ran the ends through the remaining stitches twice. Now I just need brown for the branch and white for the lys was out of it last time I checked. So, this project is on hold until the yarn comes in.


Next, is my recently completed project, a baby Kittyville hat for my little cousin. I used Reynolds' Blossom in fushia and pink on size 8 dpns following the Lil' Devil baby hat pattern and adusting it. I really love how the ears turned out!



Knitty Kitty said...

beautiful work knittybird! I can't wait to see your other projects.. I made the Lil' Devil hat as well but I didn't have the patience to make the ears!


Samantha said...

Great work, knittybird! Those flowers are darling, and the hat looks great! I'm hoping to do the Kitty hat from Stitch n' Bitch sometime this week.

kb said...
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