Thursday, May 24, 2007

Best Friend Cardigan

First, thank you so much K, for the soysilk yarn!
On the needles....the Best Friend Cardigan from Twinkle Big City Knits! Since I still haven't bought the book yet I got the pattern here. I started off last week with a super soft Bay Alpaca Grande from Plymouth Yarn in a dark grey but the it wasn't bulky enough and it shed fibers everywhere. Also the dark grey was depressing me. So I went back to Isle Knits for something more cheerful and ended up with another Plymouth yarn.....trusty Encore in a lemon sorbet yellow! I'm knitting it with three strands held together to get the gauge. So far so good. I had a couple of false starts because the pattern isn't very clear. The main thing was that the buttonholes are made on the same row as the bobbles. Also, I didn't like how the yarn over buttonholes looked so I made cast-off decreases instead. I finished shaping the armholes and will be working on the collar at tonight's meeting. Oh yeah, photo!



Opal said...

OMG! You updated! Excuse me while I die from the shock of it. ;-)

I'm so glad that you are on the right track with that cardi. I know it was giving you fits. See you tonight!

Acornbud said...

Love the yellow. BTW, you've been tagged. Travel over to my blog
to see the rules.