Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cue Peanuts Theme

Yay! I got accepted! What a relief.
I just registered for the Fall semester and was able to get into the Intermediate Photography class. I have to remember to bring Dad's medium format camera to class so that the instructor can show me how to use it. I plan on trying it out during the summer. I still have a scholarship portfolio to finish and do some more sketches to show some school reps that are visiting. Hope it goes well, there are some really good schools coming.
Here's one yarn related update: I got some Cashmerino to knit the Bro a marsan watchcap once school lets out. He was asking for one ever since I learned to knit. It was also the reason I agreed to teach him, I figure he would make his own. He hasn't yet so this is a belated birthday suprise so, shhhhh!

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Kathi said...

conrats on the acceptance. hope you are doing well...