Thursday, May 05, 2005

New Interweave Knits

I just stopped in at Isle Knits and picked up the Summer Interweave Knits. I've been coveting the pattern for the fiery bolero but with some changes, of course!


I'll be knitting it up with cap sleeves instead like a knitted version of a crocheted sequined bolero I saw in a store. It was too hard to wash and was loose in the back, so, why not make my own.*
I had planned on using the gold Gatsby Katia but then I spied the prettiest ball of yarn just sitting there on the shop's work table. It reminds me of sari fabric with different shades of pink (yes, pink!) and bits of gold. I didn't write down the name but do know it had a lot of yardage, 187 yards, so I won't have to buy a lot of skeins. The most I've bought at one time is three. Its so strange though, I'm terrible at math, but I can remember numbers. Meh. We could only find one ball of it when I was there. The rest are buried under bags of other yummy yarn that just came in. So Sue, the owner, will call me in a couple of days when she excavates the rest of them. Gives me time to read the magazine cover to cover!

*Edited because I am not label-conscious. All hail the mighty edit button.

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Opal said...

I started a poncho first. I wanted a poncho first. I need to knit at least 18 hours a day I think. I just won't sleep or eat. What do you think? Oh and what yarn are you going to use?