Friday, April 22, 2005

Where did you come from?

I innocently decided to go to Isle Knits after my last post to pick up some pink yarn for the womb. I figured I might as well give it a go. I casted on at 8pm expecting to finish a week later. At 11pm, I found myself staring dumbfounded at a finished womb. Its a personal record for an FO. Spent the next several days terrorizing the bro with it. It might have been the fleshy pink color of the Reynolds Utopia acrylic. The SnB met twice for WoW so we could get a bunch mailed together. I managed to finish another womb to drop off for the second meeting...but not before a photoshoot in the downtown area. Felt a little like the main character from Blowup. The photos are developing now.
I did go back and bought a faux plum blossom branch from the candle store. It is currently wedged between my bed and a corner of my room so it looks like there's a tree growing in the room. It kind of reminds me of Odysseus. One of his bed posts was a living tree. Now, when I open my eyes every morning, I have a lovely reminder to hurry up and finish the scarf! I should change the name of it now because it looks more like a plum blossom branch.

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