Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lace Done!

Woohoo! Finished knitting the lace early this morning. The bro seemed pretty impressed when I showed it to him. When I was knitting it, the capelet looked like a tangled mess but it looks a lot better once its done. I still have half of the first skein left so I can exchange the second skein. The gold yarn was really expensive so it worked out great!
The capelet still needs to be blocked before I can start on the embroidery. I also have to decide whether to follow the pattern with the ties and pompoms or use ribbon. There's a stationary store near work that has a lot of pretty ribbons to choose from so I'll try to check it out tomorrow.
In other news, Lauren Kent has her pattern for Hermione's red mittens are up. These and the matching hat are on my list for this year. They'll be my portable projects to go along with the two other movie-inspired projects for this year. I'm still looking at yarns for those two so more on them later.

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